In bulk SMS marketing is best SMS Transactional or Promotional SMS-SMSJOSH (PART 1)

In bulk SMS marketing “Transactional SMS or  Promotional SMS”  Bulk SMS marketing is a direct way to communicate with your audience, but you must understand the different types of SMS and their uses.

Usually, it is classified into two

  • Transactional SMS
  • Promotional SMS


Now, making both different from each other’sis their content and audience. In promotion, you can send a substance that contains content like  ‘50% flat discount on the stock until tomorrow visit our store now to take advantage of Bulk SMS can send to the available mobile numbers and the public is generally random and text can ‘t sent to DND numbers as they come in the promotional category.

Apart from this category next one is transactional in this information alone can be sent and also to existing customers or such public who are registered with your organization one way or another, the main concept is public share their numbers with to receive these messages such as people register their details with the bank to update their transactional activities and balance remaining in their bank account in other words all those SMS that contain only the information content sent their registered customers is known as Transactional messages.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bulk SMS promotional Bulk SMS

Each service has its advantages and disadvantages accordingly here are some of them:


It can be sent to any number

  • You can send promotional offers through text
  • It generate leads and conversions to your business

Value to your money


  • It can not be send on DND numbers
  • You can send 9:00 to 9:00 p.m.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Transactional Bulk SMS

As a promotional SMS, this category also has advantages and disadvantages accordingly


  • You can send text messages on DND figures
  • Updating contacts with the latest information
  • The conversation is completely private so it creates a trust factor between you and your customers
  • You can generate data from fixed and regular customers through this


  • You can contact to registered customers
  • You cannot send any promotional updates to your customers.


Both Bulk SMS services have different uses and limits and it depends entirely on the services and companies you belong to pick one to connect with your target audience.

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