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Transactional SMS service is mainly used for direct interaction between businesses and consumers. TRAI has introduced this category to limit unsolicited communication. TRAI not to add promotional SMS in a category we can assume that everything that falls under the category of transactional SMS simply comes in promotional SMS.
We have multiple gateway connectivity with leading mobile operators to offer premium web-based solutions and premium SMS in bulk not for end users, as well as HTTP and SMPP API bulk SMS / SMS continuously tools ‘gateway integration for enterprise users. We have Premium SMS connectivity with more than all the world’s network operators.


What kind of SMS falls in Transactional SMS :
The content of SMS decides it’s category usually transactional SMS are such messages that contain informative content for example: Any bank sends SMS to their existing customers about their transactional update, any institution informs their student about fee dues, change of classes’ timings, any tours and travels provider update their customers about the new time schedule of their services etc. Such type of informative stuff comes under transactional SMS you cannot add offers in this category you can only send informative content that also to your registered customers only those who personally shares their contact details with you.

Transnational SMS Gateway Allocated to the categories below 
Registered companies
Registered Banks & Financial Institution
Insurance Company
Credit card companies
Registered Education Instituted (only for sending information to parents)
Airlines and Railways (only for sending notes and PNR details for passengers)
Stock Market Alerts (Only for registered customers)
E-Commerce Site sending a response to E-commerce transactions by their customers.


Why Transnational Route:
Transnational SMS Routes basically you can use to send critical alert and information messages. Since we provide SMS based models therefore is 100% free and secure anti-spam.
Sender ID / Header for transnational messages:
Where’A ‘means the operator code by its “Airtel”
‘M’ represents the area of the service business here his “Mumbai”
‘-‘ is the delimiter
‘ABCDEF indicates six alphabets for the company or organization sending SMS Transactional
One Sender ID is allowed per account and up to 6 characters (alphanumeric)
Sender ID is submitted for approval.

Transactional SMS Benefits
It instantly delivers to the end user
You can send SMS to any time no limit as promotional SMS (9:00 to 9:00 p.m.)
SMS can send on DND numbers also
It is based on a template
1 SMS credit means 160 characters
It requires agreement
3 main transactional SMS factors that improves customer engagement:
It is predicted: Transactional SMS is something customers are already expected from you like a thanks for reviews or updates after they make transactions.

It is private: The Transactional SMS conversation begins by consumers when they asked for help or services. It is totally private between the customer and the service provider.
It is successful: Transactional texting is the way to sales opportunities and to cross-sell.

Transactional SMS are trusted for service providers because they can immediately connect to their audience with it and the update them in minutes, sending the text on DND numbers add more beneficial points.

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