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SMS or short message services are certainly the most basic forms of text messages. From the beginning of mobile phones, SMS have proven to be the backbone of mobile communications. In fact, SMS is so effective that this form of communication is quickly transformed into a commercial form of marketing. Bulk SMS services are known to all in the marketing world of today, and even in the world of online marketing today, SMS services still hold a powerful position.


However, sometimes the pesky SMS development companies can really give you a lot of trouble. It certainly feels quite irritating to receive promotional SMS when you are in the middle of something important. To help people get out of this kind of embarrassing situation recently TRAI or India’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority came up with a different shape or a SMS service category known as SMS Transaction Service. So what are the differences between the types of transactional and promotional choice of SMS services? Let’s find out.

The difference between them:

Promotional SMS:

First, let us talk about the Promotional SMS. As the term suggests, a promotional SMS is sent in order to market, advertise or promote its products or services. If the SMS was sent in order to talk about something that is salable, it will be placed in the category of promotional SMS. Whether the SMS is desired or not by the recipient, if it is trying to sell anything, there will always be considered a promotion.


In fact, promotional messages can be blocked using the power of NDNC or National Do Not Call. However, the bulk SMS service providers always come up with different ways to find their way into your mobile phone, even if your number is registered in NDNC list. In order to make more effective laws against promotional mailers, SMS, TRAI also imposed a service tax on such SMS. In addition, an 5 paisa was also imposed on the same. Accordingly, promotional mailing, SMS has definitely proven to be a more expensive these days.

Transactional SMS:

Now let us talk about the Transactional SMS service. Transactional messages are those that are considered important to users. In simple terms, it can also be referred to as service messages. Messages that are associated with the services you have already used are placed in the transactional SMS category.

These messages include messages that are sent with the intent to help the customer information or user relating to the services it already uses. Transactional SMS services contain no marketing or promotional tone. For example, bank account holders always receive SMS in connection with the retail sale of their bank account.

Transactional SMS

In addition, they also get an SMS every time money is debited or credited to their bank account. So, these messages are sent only to inform the customer about the existing services.

Since these SMS does not contain all kinds of promotional information or marketing, so even numbers that are included in the list NDNC receive these messages. In fact, the coordinates of the sender have a 6 alphabets format. So what are the fundamental differences between Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS services.

When the SMS services that are classified in Transactional type always follow the rules, otherwise, if they send any promotional content then they can be fined heavily. For this reason, it is essential to understand the difference between what a Promotional SMS service is and what is a Transactional SMS.


Promotional Bulk SMS

  • Promotional Bulk SMS can be sent only to non-DND numbers
  • DND list of numbers can be extracted and will not be charged
  • The service is applicable 9AM at 29PM.
  • It works with 6-digit numeric Sender ID.


Transactional Bulk SMS

  • Msgs gets delivered to DND and non-DND numbers at once
  • The service is applicable 24x7x365 days
  • Six characters Sender ID
  • It works on the basis of the model. Models with 70% static content and 30% Variables

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